About us

Rebecca Scott


Rebecca is a self-motivated and high energy business connector, a self-described “Introduction Specialist”. Her enthusiasm, energy, vision and strong interpersonal networking skills have made her a sought after salesperson and business connector.

As the CEO of her company, “EVENTMASTERS USA”, Rebecca successfully worked for 20 years in the tradeshow/event production and management industry.

Before she is anything, she’s a mom and an advocate for the elderly, pet lover and avid gardener. Follow Rebeccas Blog to learn more about her and her passions as well as how she can help your family and your business!

As a Business Coach and Mentor to companies presenting themselves at trade show events, she became passionate about helping small businesses succeed and has connected thousands of businesses and helped them grow their customer base and increase their bottom line.

In 2013 Rebecca started Begins with Family Network as a way to keep connecting businesses throughout the year rather than just at big events. The success of the first group in San Diego inspired Rebecca to expand the BwF network beyond San Diego.

Rebecca’s passion and commitment is to grow our community by growing your businesses stronger through lead generation, direct endorsements, introductions, and events.

We promote the belief that “Our efforts are multiplied, not diminished when we work collaboratively together,” that the "What's In It For Me” (an attitude so common in Southern California) is answered by the belief of “What Can I Do For You” …FIRST.

Begins with Family

The birth of Begins with Family came as the brainchild of Rebecca Scott and Cuba Gooding, Sr.

Watch the announcement at 1:39 for the Begins with Family EXPO that was held on March 27-28, 2015 at QualComm Stadium.

Forward to 54:36 to hear the song that gave us our start.

Hear the studio version of the song here.