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Our goal, through Begins with Family Network, is to introduce individuals and companies who can generate ideas for lead development by matching businesses and customers who complement one another.

Why you should join

At Begins with Family (BwF) Network we believe in cross marketing and recommendation branding. It is our mission to teach businesses to operate with the phrase, “What can I do for you?”

This service-oriented attitude is increasingly rare in today’s working world. By using Begins with Family concepts and ideas, businesses learn ways to make this phrase the answer to the question, “What’s in it for me?”

What else stands us apart from other network groups?

  • We do not require you bring in leads to our group. But many members bring other people in.
  • We encourage members to belong to other network groups and invite members, employees, and clients in to many events. Isn't that what networking is supposed to be all about?
  • Large celebration expo to celebrate our members with our community, to create more introductions and more business.
  • A specific person helping them meet and greet other businesses they can work directly with at meetings, one on one and through e-mail.
  • Industry professional guests, that can show members how to work together to help find new clients.
  • Sales person goes out to find new prospective clients, get them interested and prepare them to do business with each other.
  • Honor and provide the recognition of past members.
  • Lead accountability and tracking between members, and member referrals.
  • Our membership fee is small when compared to the cost of other social network groups that are the traditional “Meet, Greet and Eat” member groups.
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What to expect

At Begins with Family Network meetings we provide various activities including networking and think tank meetings, special event bookings, lead generation and development assistance, media coverage for our members and associates, and more.

At these group meetings we learn, develop, and grow ideas into actions. One of our most important precepts is that we avoid placing competing businesses in the core group. Our member group currently consists of over 50 businesses who pay an annual fee to participate.